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Accommodation Directory - Downtown Ryokan

Name Japanese
Rates(JPY) Address Phone/Fax
Seifuso 静風荘 3,675-5,750 634-5 Minamiasama
(near Shinshu Univ.)
An extremely friendly & welcoming place to stay. The owner, Taeko Tanaka, will look after you in English and generally help make your stay in Matsumoto something special. The food is great, rooms clean & quiet, not expensive. Although a little further out than downtown proper, still only 15 minutes walk down the river to the castle - so they'll lend you bikes for free to get around! Helpful English website tells you all you need to know. They accept major credit cards & offer free internet access. Family & friends always stay at this Ryokan.
Reservation   客房搜索&預約   예약
Marumo まるも 5,250 3-3-10 Chuo(Nakamachi) 0263-32-0115/
Very nicely situated by the river & has a well-known cafe. Used to foreign guests but has an inconvenient curfew if you can find some of our well-hidden late night attractions!
Nunoya ぬのや 4,500-5,250 3-5-7 Chuo(Nakamachi) 0263-32-0545/
Same as phone
Established in the 1920's. The owner is a cheerful and kind woman. Marumo and Nunoya both appear in the 'Lonely Planet Japan' guidebook as Japanese traditional wooden ryokans, so they are very popular among individual travellers, especially Europeans. 90% of the guests are foreigners.
Matsukaze 松風 2,500-3,500 2-7-2 Yokota (Hot Spring) 0263-25-7318/
Cheap and friendly. More than half of the guests are foreigners.
Suehiro 末広 5,500-6,500 2-7-2 Yokota (Hot Spring) 0263-32-0929/
Probably not the easiest place to find & not exactly convenient without your own transportation.
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