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Accommodation Directory - Downtown Hotel and Guesthouse

Goes without saying that these hotels etc are within striking distance of the main arrival points in the city centre (bus/train station). If you are lugging loads of bags, you might want to check out the map for which ones are nearest, or jump in a taxi - especially in winter. Suggest you have something written for the cabbie to read (in Japanese) as they're not famous for being any good at finding places! Prices vary, obviously, and some hotels have promotional prices off-season/mid-week. I have never stayed in ANY of them, so why not post your review in Guest's Blog?

Name Japanese Name Rates(JPY) Address Phone/Fax
Buena Vista ブエナビスタ 7,000-30,000 1-2-1 Honjyou 0263-37-0111/
The biggest hotel in town & at the top end of the range. It is used to foreign guests & looks after you, though it does tend to be fully booked when certain events are on in town – such as the Saito Kinen Festival. Even if you’re not staying here, there’s a decent café just inside the main entrance which does a good line in cakes etc. (good place to meet for business). The website is flash but useless; great views from the cocktail lounge on the top floor, open to non-guests. 10 min walk from the station, with nothing handily nearby.
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Kagetsu 花月 5,000-10,000 4-8-9 Ote 0263-32-0114/
The smart place to stay. Friendly staff & comfy, nice location, not far from the castle, not too expensive & not a chain. Also used to dealing with overseas guests. Also likely to get booked up when events are on, so plan ahead if you want to stay here. Not the cheapest in town but certainly the best value for money if not on a tight budget.
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Richmond Hotel リッチモンド 6,000-14,000 1-15-7 Chuo 0263-37-5000/
Centrally located & friends who’ve stayed there give it a thumbs up. Round the corner from Parco, downstairs is a Skylark restaurant (open 24 hrs a day) & next door one of the better (reasonably-priced) Japanese-style restaurants in town called Yobanashi - maybe booked out at weekends but well worth poking your head in the door. The hotel? Ah yes. Probably best value for money in the downtown area.
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Tokyu REI 東急REI 7,000-12,000 1-3-21 Fukashi 0263-36-0109/
Nationwide chains.
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Toko City Hotel トーコーシティホテル 6,800-8,800 1-2-31 Fukashi 0263-38-0123/
Lobby is on the 10th floor, great view w/ drink bar & free wi-fi.
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Toyoko Inn 東横イン 5,250-8,190 2-1-23 Chuo 0263-36-1045/
Centrally located only a ‘big’ block from the station, opposite our main post office. It’s new, easy to find. Part of the Toyoko Inn chain, so predictable standard. Warning though: last one I stayed in had all fire escapes locked. Had to kick through safety glass doors and spent a night in ER. *Doesn't matter if it was a false alarm)
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New Station ニューステーション 5,800-7,000 1-1-11 Chuo 0263-35-3850/
An inexpensive place to stay & very easy to get to; also useful website in English. Couldn’t be closer to izakaya, restaurants (the best late night ramen shop "Fuku" is across the road). Quiet despite central location.
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Mor-schein モルシャン 6,700-7,350 1-2-5 Chuo 0263-32-0031/
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Wellton ウェルトン 5,250-6,300 2-4-5 Nagisa 0263-27-3000/
Reasonable, free wi-fi available, w/ a nice Italian restaurant.
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Tourist Hotel ツーリストホテル 4,800-7,300 2-4-24 Fukashi 0263-33-9000/
Many visitors from South East Asia. Might be worth a shot?! The nearest hotel to the opera house, which hosts 'The Saito Kinen Festival'.
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Southern Cross Inn サザンクロスイン 4,500- 4-9-3 Oote 0263-35-6007/
Was Hamilton-inn
Suehirokan Closed in 2014 3,500- 3-8-6 Oote 0263-32-4340/
Montagne モンターニュ 5,040-7,140 3-2 Habaue 0263-35-6480/
Sorry Francophones, fairly sure they don't parlez-vous here! Right behind the station w/ tasty Chinese restaurant.
Ace Inn エースイン 6,700 1-1-3 Fukashi 0263-35-1188/
Right next to the station. Question you've got to ask yourself is why did it need a year's-worth of work doing on it in the first place to make sure it wouldn't fall down? To be sure, the architect (a certain Mr. Aneha) was not consulted second time around.
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Iidaya 飯田屋 5,600-6,500 1-2-3 Chuo 0263-32-0027/
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Dormy Inn ドーミーイン 5,000-9,400 2-2-1 Fukashi 0263-33-5489 /
Onsen Hotel downtown
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Yorozuya よろづや 5,300 1-24-1 Chuo 0263-39-8123/
Free breakfast buffet, Japanese rooms are also available.
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Ikedaya 池田屋 5.775-6.615 3-4-6 Chuo(Nakamachi) 0263-32-0805/
I had a tatami room. It was lovely. They were so nice there. [Jim]
I stayed at Hotel Ikeda-ya in January 2004. Matsumoto was covered in snow, but I did not feel cold staying at Ikeda-ya. My Japanese is very poor, but all of the staff were very patient with the slowness of my speech as well as my fumbling with the pocket dictionary! I was about four months pregnant at the time, and several mornings when I was too tired to come down for breakfast a tray appeared at my door loaded with both Japanese and Western breakfast foods to tempt me. When it snowed heavily one evening, the staff would not let me leave without borrowing one of the hotel's umbrellas and their wishes to "take care." My room was a small tatami, with a lovely view of Nawate Dori and the canal. The location was perfect for both my violin studies as well as sightseeing -- a Town Sneaker stop is just up the street. Finally, the main bath is very convenient and relaxing when one comes in from the cold in winter. [Colleen, Guest's Blog]
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Guesthouse Kaze No Yasuyado 風の安宿 3,150-3,450 4-7-40 Tsukama 0263-27-0476/
Same as phone
We stayed at the Kaze no Yasuyado Hostel, near Tsukama Shrine. The owner was extremely friendly, lending us bikes and shuttling us back and forth to the train station. Lots of other foreigners around and very comfortable rooms. It's a great choice for a few nights. [Michael, Guest's Blog]
Matsumoto Back Packers 松本バックパッカーズ 3,000-7,000 1-1-6 Shiraita 0263-31-5848
Hosted by an Irish and Japanese couple
Backpacker Matsumoto-no-yado バックパッカーズ松本の宿 2,500 or 5,000-7,500/room 2-5-18 Shironishi
(near Castle)
Candela カンデラ 2,750 or 4,500 1-4-5 Kitafukashi
(near Castle)
Azumaya 東家 3,240 or 4,320 4-5-1 Oote 070-1379-8080
Engiya 5,000 3-8-13 Chuo 080-1192-0822
Newly opened in 2015. You have to pay "Reservation Fee".

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