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Accommodation Directory - Campsites (official)

Official Campsites – what does the price include? Very much a case by case issue, as is price itself. Can be per tent, or per car, or per person – or any combo of the above. My advice is hit under par, OK? As with everywhere else in Japan, can be fully booked in high-season. Remember you don't want to look inadequate out there, so take the kitchen sink just in case? At least take the mossie repellent & a lighter!

Name Japanese
Rates(JPY) Address Phone
Sanjiro Ikoinohiroba Auto Camping Ground 三城いこいの広場 500–4,200 8961 Iriyamabe Sanjiro (20km out of town) 0263-31-2229
Misuzu-ko (Lake)
Camping Ground
美鈴湖 4,200–5,200 1871 Misayama 0263-46-9990
Extortionately priced. Great location atop the hill behind Asama though. Masochists on bikes will enjoy the ride up. Around the lake you'll find a number of optimistic fisherfolk. Lovely shrine on the far-side from the damn.
Auto Camping Ground
梓水苑 520–4,200 4262-1, Azusa-gawa (10 km out of town heading west) 0263-78-5550
Camping Ground
高ソメ 1,500- 2212-12, Nagawa (50km of South West of Matsumoto) 0263-79-2919
Auto Camping Ground
野麦峠 3,700- 29-1, Nagawa
(60km S.W. of Matsumoto)
Camping Ground
上高地小梨平 400- Kamikochi
(70km West of Matsumoto)
This campsite is popular among foreign travelers because it's listed in the guidebook "Lonely Planet." However, their web page is only in Japanese and no one in their office speaks English.
There are many choices to be made at the campsite: tent space runs at Y700 per person and can accommodate 300 tents (no reservations required); rental tents run Y7000 for four or five persons; a B-type (cheapest) cabin runs Y10000 for two persons, Y15000 for three persons, and Y19000 for four persons.
The tenting area doesn't fill up even in peak season, but the other options might fill up on weekends in summer.
Camping Ground
上高地徳沢 500-7,000 Kamikochi 0263-95-2508
Tokusawa is a two-hour hike from Kamikochi bus terminal and on the way to Mt. Yari and Mt. Hotaka. It is quieter than Konashidaira.
Tent space runs at Y500 per person (no reservations required); rental tents run Y7000 for four or five persons.
Another option is Tokusawa-en (lodge), Y9500 for a shared room and Y13900-15900 for a Japanese style private room (including 2 meals, per person).
Ichinose Enchi Camping Ground 乗鞍高原一の瀬園地 1,000-4,000 4307, Azumi (Norikura Highland)
(70km West of Matsumoto)
Northern Alps Karasawa Camping Ground 北アルプス涸沢 500 Karasawa (Hotaka-dake) 090-2204-1300

Most of these sites open April - Nov.

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