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Hotel Kagetsu

Hot Spring Hoshino Resort

Accommodation Directory - Utsukushigahara Hot Spring

Name Japanese Name Rates(JPY) Address Phone/Fax
Shoho 翔峰 15,000-30,000 527 Satoyamabe 0263-38-7711/
Reservation   客房搜索&预约   客房搜索&預約   예약
Tsukinosizuka 月の静香 14,800- 101 Satoyamabe Yunohara 0263-35-6200/
Reservation   客房搜索&预约   客房搜索&預約   예약
Izumiya Zenbei 和泉屋善兵衛 10,650-24,300 451 Satoyamabe 0263-32-2043
Reservation   客房搜索&預約   예약
Onishiso 大西荘 6,300- 1147 Satoyamabe 0263-32-5648/

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