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Susuharai (soot sweeping)

Susuharai (soot sweeping) is a customary ritual cleaning event that purifies the dirt of one year. About 30 staff members sweep the soot off two entrance gates and the keep (main tower) of the castle to prevent wicked deeds from entering in the new year.

Also, Matsumoto Old Castle Association and staff members decorate with shimenawa (literally "enclosing rope"). Shimenawa is a sacred rope made of straw on which zigzag strips of paper have been hung in order to prevent “evil spirits” from entering.

Date December 28 (the same day every year)
Hours 9:00 - about 11:30
Location Kuro-mon (Black gate), the castle tower entrance, and Taiko-mon (Drum gate)
Admission Adult 610 yen, Child 300 yen (includes entrance to Matsumoto Castle and the Matsumoto City Museum nearby. Groups can receive discounted admission.)

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