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Bookstores in Downtown Matsumoto

Maruzen (bookstore)

Maruzen Matsumoto Branch opened in Dec 2011 on the southeast of the bus terminal building (Ario). It sells about one million books and also nice stationery, so it is one of the largest bookstores in Nagano Pref

It also sells several thousands of English books in the basement, including English comic books (you can get Japanese comics on the 2nd floor.)

Maruzen Bookstore Outside
Access A 2-minute walk from JR Matsumoto Station (Google Map)
Hours 10:00am - 20:00pm
Closed January 1st
Tel 0263-31-8171

Seikando OutsideSeikando (second-hand bookstore)

Seikando is a very unique miniature castle like appearance shop near Matsumoto castle, carries various kinds of used books and some collection of antique postcards*. The owner of Seikando reconstructs his bookstore resembled to the Matsumoto Castle around 1950 when the actual castle underwent 5 years of a major repair works, because he felt sorry for the tourists who were not able to see the real castle during this period. This original place attracts many travelers since it not only sells a lot of Japanese books with historical value*, but also trades variation of Ukiyo-e which can be perfect for souvenirs.
* Linked sites are in Japanese.

Seikando Inside
Access In Daimyocho Street, a 10-minute walk from JR Matsumoto Station (Google Map)
Hours 10:00am - 18:00pm
Closed Random day
Tel 0263-32-2333

* “Libro” located at the basement of PARCO shopping centre has closed 2015.

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