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Gourmet Directory - Western

"L/O" means "last order".
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Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Ristorante Toremani リストランテ トレマーニ ¥¥ 1-2-5 Fukashi (Kamijyo Clinic Bldg B1F) 33-6021 11:30-14:00
Mon OK
If you’d like a relaxingly quiet night for your dinner with nice Italian food, here’s the place I recommend. Easy to find, right across from Matsumoto station. There is the department store called Ario and it’s right next to it behind the drug store. Be aware that it is in the basement.
Lunch, 950 yen-, Dinner (course) 2400 yen-.
A variety of a la carte. Great selection of wines. Reasonable, no service charge. Opened in 2007. [Sachiko]
Domanoma ドマノマ ¥¥ 6-11-1 Kotobuki Kita 85-7337 11:45-14:00
Weds OK
An Italian restaurant in an old Japanese house. The restaurant's name comes from Japanese, meaning "earth floor". I was happy to be there because they offered us separate rooms.
As for food, they only have a set course. The minimum lunch price is 1150 yen, which is very reasonable. As for dinner, the minimum price is 3150 yen. Then they offered us various kinds of small appetizers such as raw fish with dressing or mashed pumpkin with prawns on top.
The pasta was very delicious and the dessert was very unique. They used some sake cups for the desserts. A small cup of ice cream, a chocolate cake, and milk jelly were placed in the cups. (This place can be hard to find.) [Masano, Dec 2008]
Five Horn ファイブホルン ¥¥ 1-10-30 Chuo (Parco 1F) 38-2140 10:00-22:00(21:00 L/O) Occasional Hol. OK
Seattle シアトル ¥ 2-1-7 Jyosei 33-0122 11:30-15:00(14:30 L/O)
17:30-23:00(22:30 L/O)
Tues (excep Nat. Hol. closed Weds) OK
Rakura 楽酒楽菜 らくら ¥¥ 2-1-18 Chuo 38-7260 17:00-23:30(23:00 L/O) No OK
Trattoria Gabriele トラットリア ガブリエル ¥¥ 2-4-18 Chuo (Nakamachi) 34-7399 11:40-14:30 L/O
17:30-22:00(Sun:21:00) L/O
Mon (excep Nat. Hol. closed Tues) OK
Pizzeria (Tsukama branch / Murai branch) ピッツェリア つかま店 / 村井店 ¥¥ 1-10-7 Tsukama / 2-25-14 Koya-kita 28-3803 / 57-5030 11:00-22:30 No OK
Tsukama branch - Lunch Time: Non Smoking
This Italian restaurant is cozy and lively and serves good food. It's crowded on weekends. It has some unique dishes such as baked pasta with cheese and rice croquette. As for lunch, they have some reasonable courses. One of them has your choice of pasta, salad, three kinds of dessert, and your choice of drink. All this is only 1280 yen! If you come to the restaurant on your birthday or on your anniversary, the restaurant will celebrate with you. [Masano, Jan 2009]
Pizzeria Mar-de Napoli ピッツェリア マルデナポリ ¥¥ 1-1-4 Idegawa (Life Squrare Como Shonai) 28-7872 11:00-23:00 No OK
The light blue and white colors are harmonious with the building.The restaurant looks fashionable and reminds me of the ocean and beaches. The atmosphere is lively. The restaurant is alive with people even on weekdays. They are especially particular about their pizza. It's additive free. Its surface is a bit crunchy and its inside is similar to the texture of rice cakes. As for their cakes, they come with beautiful pictures on the plates. Take out is an available option for pizza and cake! [Masano, Jul 2009]
Trattoria Gallery Matsumoto (Timepiece Museum 1F) CLOSED IN 2016

Spanish Bar

Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Mona Chulos モナ・チューロス ¥ 1-4-15 Chuo (I K Bldg 1F & 2F) 36-6078 18:00-24:00 Occasionally X
Spain Bar de Cafe, my favorite. Cozy, warm and comfortable. Great food and wines in all selections. My friends and I had a party there and we had a wonderful time. We had paella, grilled fresh seafood, grilled spicy pork ribs, Spanish pizza (cheese tastes extremely good also the crust!), wines, desert, and coffee. Price very reasonable. Opened in 2007 at a close different place and moved. [Sachiko]
El Sol エル・ソル 1-8-10 Chuo (Current Bldg 1F) CLOSED IN 2012

Bar Restaurant

Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
U2 ¥ 1-2-35 Kiri (Komatsu Plaza) 35-7306 18:00-3:00(2:30 L/O) No X
On the same road as Bottom $ you will find a few other restaurants and shops targeted to Shinshu University students. There is a fun little restaurant bar among them called U2. It is a good place for a late dinner and some drinks. The food is good and reasonably priced and they have delicious salads that are huge. There is another U2 across the street from the Appleland on the east side of the Metaba river from Shinshu University. It's next to the big green gas ball. [Liza]


Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Hikariya West ヒカリヤニシ ¥¥¥ 4-7-14 Ote 38-0186 11:30-14:30(13:30 L/O) Weds OK
Costly, especially for dinner. The building was built 1887 and has a beautiful Japanese garden. The next building Hikariya East is Japanese Restaurant. [Andy 2016]
Chocolan ショコラン ¥¥ 4238-1 Shimauchi 48-3945 11:00-14:30(14:00 L/O)
17:00-22:00(21:00 L/O)
Mon X
This restaurant serves Southern France-style home cooking and home-grown organic vegetables. Lunch is quite reasonable. The starting price is 740 yen, whichin includes salad and rice or bread. The bread is a bit big. I recommend the stewed dishes, because the meat is soft and almost melts in your mouth. The unique furniture there is home-made. I took my mother there to celebrate Mother's Day. You can have a wedding banquet, which meant the restaurant is a lovely and tasteful place! [Masano, May 2009]


Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Ajito Style ¥¥ 2-4-3 2F Chuo 39-3633 17:30-0:00
11:30-14:00(Fri, Sat & Nat. hol)
Mon OK
Bali style furniture welcomed us. This restaurant owns a garden which has potatoes, green onions, aojiso, basil, shishitou, and chili among other things. On the menu, they recommend garlic chicken, tororo omu rice (rice with tomato sauce and a soft-boiled egg on the top), shrimp and white radish salad! There is a banquet room in the back corner for the second party after a wedding, a dance show with a meal, etc. They offer only ramen at lunch time on weekends. [Masano, Jul 2009]


Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Baden Baden (German) バーデン・バーデン ¥¥ 4-2-12 Ote 36-5541 10:00-0:00 Occasional Hol. OK
This is delightfully small German style restaurant. It has a wide choice of wonderful imported wines and the food is good. They have daily specials and a good sized selection of pastas and entrees. I have been there a couple of times and had a small party there for my parents when they came to visit. They have big tables which we filled with friends and had a lovely evening. [Liza]
Bottom Dollar (Komatsu Plaza) CLOSED IN 2009
Eonta (Jazz Bar) エオンタ ¥¥ 4-9-7 Ote 33-0505 16:00-24:00 Weds X
Kobetei (Steak) (Station Bldg Midori 3F) : MOVED TO SATOYAMABE IN 2013
Mama Mia (Mixed) カフェ&雑貨 マンマ・ミーア! ¥ 1-16-5 Agata 32-1085 10:00-22:00(21:30 L/O)
10:00-20:00(Sun.18:00 L/O)
Weds OK
I had passed by this place many times thinking it was a greasy spoon, but was pleasantly surprised when I went there for lunch the other day. They have a salad bar at lunch that come with delicious choices of toast. My friend and I shared a cinnamon toast and a cheese toast and they were both delicious. The cheese toast was enormous (half a loaf with heaps of cheese) and the cinnamon came toped with vanilla ice cream and a sprig of mint. There is also a lovely shop with household items, little gifts and cloths for women and children. Overall, a very cute place for a lunch with friends. Mama Mia is on the East side of the road, one block north of Katakura Mall along Yamabiko road. [Liza]
Old Rock (Pub) オールドロック ¥¥ 2-3-20 Chuo (Todoriki Bldg 1F) 38-0069 17:00-23:00
Tues X
This is an Irish style pub with a nice feel. They have Guinness and Kilkenny on tap and few choices of whiskey to wash down a long day of work and an order of tasty fish and chips. Old Rock is on Honmachi Street on the south side of the Metaba River and on the west side of the street. [Liza]

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