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Gourmet Directory - Ethnic

"L/O" means "last order".
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Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Meigetsukan (BBQ) 明月館 ¥¥ 4-3-21 Ote 32-7663 18:00-22:00 (Sun & Nat.hol.17:30-21:00) Weds OK
Minzokumura (1-8-23 Metoba) CLOSED IN 2015
Yanchabo やんちゃ坊 ¥¥ 3-1-19 Kiri 33-7737 17:30-24:00(23:15 L/O)(Sun & Nat.hol.23:30 L/O) Mon OK


Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Aburaya 油家 ¥ 1-14-1 Honjyo 32-5049 11:00-14:00
17:00-21:00(20:30 L/O)
Thurs,3rd Sun X
China Spice チャイナスパイス食堂 ¥ 4 Ote 34-5012 11:00-14:00/17:30-24:30 Wed lunch time X
Popular among local citizen but closed 2009, and reopened in downtown (east of the Castle, corner of Route 143). [Andy 2013]
Xielan (former China Trip Bar) 謝藍 ¥¥ 1-20-1 Chuo (MY Bldg 3F) 36-5858 11:30-14:00L/O
Xielan was along Nakamachi Street before and another Chinese restaurant China Trip Bar was here. [Andy, 2013]
Hyakuroutei 百老亭 ¥¥ 2-3-10 Ote 32-4220 11:30-14:30(14:00 L/O)
17:30-22:00(21:30 L/O)
Mon X
Kane (Taiwanese) 香根 ¥ 2-8-5 Ote 36-1303 17:30-3:00(2:30 L/O) Sun X
Okeraya おけらや ¥ 1-12-16 Chuo 34-7810 18:00-23:00 L/O Sun,Mon X
Seishika 中国レストラン 聖紫花 ¥¥¥ 1-2-1 Honjyo (Hotel Buena Vista 1F) 37-0511 11:30-14:30(14:00 L/O)
17:30-21:30(21:00 L/O)
This exclusive restaurant is located in a high class hotel called Buena Vista. The food is served in a graceful atmosphere. All cooks are Japanese, but they took over the style of the Chinese cook who used to work there. I recommend an eight-course lunch called the Yamucha course. It's 2000 yen. The course has Chinese snacks, fried Chinese-style leek buns, Chimaki (steamed sticky rice which has roasted pork inside), etc. For drinks, you can choose among a variety of teas. The Suigyoku tea has a beautiful color and and an orchid aroma that will relax you. The desserts were Chinese-style peach-shaped buns stuffed with sweet beans and Chinese-style milk jelly. [Masano, Jan 2009]
Shisen-no-hana 四川乃華 松本店 ¥¥ 7-23 Futaba 25-2390 11:00-15:00(14:00 L/O)
17:00-22:30(21:30 L/O)
Hall: Non Smoking
Shouhaku (Taiwanese) 台湾料理 松柏 ¥ 1-1-20 Motomachi 36-2823 11:30-14:00
2nd Tues X


Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Khelang ケーラン ¥¥ 690 Shimadachi 40-0270 11:30-14:00
Mon X
It's been about six years since a Thai chef and his wife started to run this Thai restaurant. It is famous for delicious meals among local people. The chef is particular about his food, because his father also used to be a chef. His wife is kind and polite. The popular dishes are soft shell crab stir-fried with curry, tom yum kung and papaya salad. Thai style stir-fried noodles and green curry are popular among foreigners. Some Thai food lovers come here alone. [Masano, 2010]
Honton ホントン ¥ 5-4-28 Ote 33-6998 15:00-22or23:00(Sat & Sun & Nat.hol.:12:00-) 3rd 4th Mon X
A woman who has lived in Japan for 16 years runs this Thai restaurant. It's been 14 years since she started the business. She is very friendly and open-hearted. She offers various kinds of Thai food. For example, Thai style seasoned pork plus rice is 1000 yen. Thai noodles and Tom yum kung are 900 yen.Thai style Stir-fried noodles are 800 yen. Red curry plus Japanese noodles, and Green curry plus Japanese noodles are 1200 yen.It's located near the store called Katakura Mall. [Masano, Mar 2008]

Halal, Central Asia, Russia

Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Aselya アセリャ ¥ 2-6-14 Fukashi 88-3939 11:00〜15:00
Tues X
Kyrgyzstan and halal (Islamic) dish

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