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Gourmet Directory - Japanese

"L/O" means "last order".
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Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Hikariya East ヒカリヤヒガシ ¥¥¥ 4-7-14 Ote 38-0068 11:30-14:30(13:30 L/O) Weds OK
Costly restaurant (especially for dinner). The building was built 1887 and has a beautiful Japanese garden. The next building Hikariya West is Macrobiotic French Restaurant. [Andy 2016]
Kakifune かき船 ¥¥¥ 7-30 Marunouchi 32-1234 11:30-14:00
17:00-20:30(20:30 L/O)
Weds X
Kura ¥¥ 1-10-22 Chuo 33-6444 11:30-14:00
17:30-22:00(21:30 L/O)
Weds OK
My husband and I ate at Kura the other night. It was the best sashimi we have ever tried. We also ordered seasonal vegetable tempura and Basashi. You must go! They have an English menu and made us feel very welcomed. They even gave us complimentary miso soup, tea, and a quick snack before our sushi arrived. We also received two sketches of the restaurant. SUPER FRIENDLY! [Elizabeth (guestbook), August 2011]
Sakuraya (Eel) 鰻・割烹 桜家 ¥¥¥ 4-9-1 Ote 33-2660 11:00-14:00
17:00-21:00(20:30 L/O)
Mon OK
Matsuka (Eel) まつか ¥¥¥ 3-2-29 Chuo 32-0747 11:30-14:00(Lunch Only) Thurs X
Matsuka is an unagi (eel) restaurant in a Japanese traditional building. I went there with my friend. At the entrance, very big and beautiful flowers welcomed us. We ordered unagi lunch boxes which have 3 pieces of unagi each. The lunch box is 2500 yen.The price depends on how many pieces of unagi you order. The unagi was very soft and thick and its skin was also soft. The sauce was thick. It was delicious! I recommend that you arrive by 11:00am, otherwise the unagi will be sold out! [Masano, May 2009] See Sodai's blog for more details. [April 2011]
New Miyoshi (Horse meat) 新三よし ¥¥ 1-7-17 Chuo (Mouri Bldg 1F) 39-0141 11:50-14:00 (weekdays only)
17:00-23:00 (22:30 L/O)
Sun,New Year Holidays X
Shizuka しづか ¥¥ 4-10-8 Ote 32-0547 12:00-23:00(23:00 L/O) Sun,Holidays OK
Chanko Dining Sumotei (Seems to be CLOSED IN 2016)


Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Azumazushi 東寿し ¥¥¥ 4-8-21 Ote 32-2946 11:30-14:00
Weds X
Kura Sushi くら寿司 ¥¥ 1-7-1 Nagisa (Nagisa Life Site) 24-0610 11:00-23:00 (enter by 22:30) Open 365 X
A poplular chain of 'kaiten' (conveyor-belt) sushi restaurants
Kaisen Sushi Mechanko (Near the station) CHANGED TO ANOTHER IZAKAYA CHAIN


Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Banrai 萬来 ¥ 1-4-4 Chuo 33-3155 15:00-0:00 No X
BUN 食い飲み屋BUN ¥¥ 2-10-15 Chuo (Nakamachi) 35-9897 11:30-14:30(except Sun)
18:00-0:00(Fri & Sat:1:00)
No X
Chikuma 酒酔い処 ちくま ¥ 4-1 Ote (Nawate Dori) 39-0628 18:00-late Sun X
Fukufukuya 海鮮楽屋 福福屋 ¥ 1-2-33 Fukashi (IM Bldg 1F) 35-3288 17:00-3:00(Fri & Sat & the day b4 Nat. hol:-5:00) No OK
This is one of the typical Japanese restaurants that every Japanese would love to go mainly after work to shake off their stresses of the day - or to just have fun! They serve sake, shochu, beer and cocktails, and the food varies from fresh Sashimi & Kushiyaki to popular Chanko pot-cooking. You will love the comfortable Horigotatsu-table - where you can extend your legs down into the sunken floor under the low table. Price reasonable.
Easy to find. 1 min from Matsumoto station. The place is facing to the station with their large sign. [Sachiko, Mar 2008]
Irori Kaisen Ninnikuya いろり 海鮮にんにく屋 ¥ 2-4-2 Ote 32-4600 11:30-13:30(only Mon-Fri)
16:30-0:30(Fri & Sat:1:00
Izayoi (pufferfish dish) 海鮮創作 いざよい ¥¥ 1-10-11 Chuo (Isemachi 2nd Bldg 1F) 38-1341 11:30-13:30
Sun OK
Kiyosato 清里 ¥ 3-13-25 Chuo 35-4781 11:30-14:00(except Sat)
Sun,Holidays X
Motojiya Robata Shoya 元庄屋 炉ばた庄屋 ¥ 1-11-1 Chuo 37-1000 11:30-15:00(Res. rqd)
17:00-24:00(23:30 L/O)
Nihonkai Shoya Chuo CLOSED
Osakeya おさけや ¥ 788-11 Shimadachi 47-0414 17:30-24:00(23:30 L/O) Sun,Holidays OK
A liquor shop is managing this restaurant directly. So, alcoholic beverages are cheap. They serve many kinds of dishes. [Sayaka]
Shichirin Izakaya Q 七輪酒家Q ¥¥ 2-2-10 Fukashi 36-4665 17:30-24:00(23:30 L/O) Tues X
Suisei Club 彗星倶楽部 ¥ 4-3-3 Ote 35-3617 11:30-16:30
Occasional Hol. X
Usagiya のみくい処 卯屋 ¥¥ 1-2-12 Chuo 36-2544 11:30-13:30
17:30-23:30(23:00 L/O)
Sun,Holidays X
Yobanashi 伊勢町 夜噺 ¥¥ 1-10-7 Chuo (Roynet Hotel 1F) 39-4874 16:00-0:00(Fri,Sat:1:00) Occasional Hol.(3 days in a year) OK
Shiromachi Ryouzanpaku (Isemachi Street) CLOSED IN 2009
Kariyushi (Okinawan) 沖縄料理 カリユシ ¥¥ 1-7-13 Chuo 33-2633 18:00-3:00(2:00 L/O) Sun OK
Shimaya (Okinawan) 沖縄食堂 島家 ¥¥ 2-9-26 Ote 32-6030 17:00-1:00 Tues X
The people of Okinawa are famous for having the longest life span of any people in the world. There are many interesting things on the menu to choose from none of which I had ever heard of or seen before. I tied a kind of seaweed salad with these tasty bubbles. It was very interesting and pretty good. They also have Okinawa beer and spirits. It is located between the station and the castle.
To get there, take the street that runs along the south side of Matsumoto Castle two blocks east. At the intersection you will see a sports store on the southwest corner. Go south (left) past the sports store. At the next block go west (right). Shima-ya is in the middle of the next block on the north side of the street. It has a dark traditionally Japanese sliding door and an interesting style. [Liza]
Show Show (Okinawan) 沖縄パラダイス 正祥 (Shimadachi) CLOSED IN 2016


Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Akiyoshi 秋吉 松本駅前店 ¥¥ 1-5-3 Chuo (Tatsumitei Bldg 1F) 36-2262 17:00-1:00 (24:30 L/O) Mon OK
Chogenbo 鳥幻望 ¥¥ 3-10-8 Chuo 36-4710 18:00-0:00 Sun X
Yumeya (Bar) 夢屋 ¥ 1-3-11 Chuo (Showa Yokocho) 33-8430 17:00-24:00(23:00 L/O) Sun X


Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Kitchen Gen (Macrobiotic) キッチン gen ¥¥ 4-1-1 Chuo 39-3393 11:00-20:00 Mon X
Ajian Koyou 味庵 木葉 ¥¥ 1-1-11 Chuo 35-3850 17:00-23:30(23:00 L/O) Sun (sometimes Mon holidays) OK
Katsugen (Pork Cutlet) かつ玄 ¥¥ 7717 Shimauchi 33-1129 11:30-21:30 Open 365 OK
Moriyoshi 民芸レストラン 盛よし ¥ 2-1-21 Fukashi (Kokufu Bldg 1F) 36-2903 11:30-15:00
17:30-21:00(Sat, Sun, Nat.hol.)
Tues OK
Hongo Shokudo (Agetuchi East Street) CLOSED IN 2016
Kirara Jiyugaoka Kaniya (2-1-4 Ote) CLOSED IN 2015

Soba Noodles

Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Asada そば処 浅田 ¥¥ 3-10-11 Fukashi 33-0826 11:30-16:00(earlier if sold out) Mon X
Non Smoking
Ekimae Benten 駅前弁天 ¥ 1-4-18 Chuo 32-3158 10:00-19:00 1st 3rd Weds X
Nomugi 野麦 ¥¥ 2-9-11 Chuo (Close to Nakamachi) 33-4844 11:00-15:00
16:30-22:00(21:30 L/O)
Fri (Occasional Hol. in Jul-Sep) X
Non Smoking
Matsusita そば処 まつした ¥¥ 2-9-14 Chuo (Nakamachi) 36-3753 11:30-14:00 Tue, Wed X
Soba Club Sasaki 蕎麦倶楽部 佐々木 ¥¥ 4-8-3, Ote 88-3388 11:30-14:00
Sunday night, Mon OK
A delicious home-made, hand-made soba noodle meal in a warm and charming environment. The owners are wonderful people and you feel like you are being treated to a specially prepared meal in their home. In addition to the home-made soba noodles, they make their own smoked fish, ham, duck and other delights along with other regional specialties. It's a very special place! [Nancy (guestbook), 2012]; Non Smoking
Genchi No Soba 源智のそば ¥¥ 3-7-8, Chuo 33-6340 10:00-22:00 (-15:00 on Sun) Thu X

Ramen Noodles

Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Noroshi (head office) 狼煙本店 ¥ 3-5-18 Motomachi 33-3339 11:30-24:00 No X
Noroshi (Matsumoto Ekimae branch) 狼煙 松本駅前店 ¥ 1-5-21 Chuo 34-4443 11:30-3:00(Sun & Nat.hol.24:00) No X

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