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Gourmet Directory - Cafe/Bakery/Fast Food/Other

"L/O" means "last order".
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Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Marumo (Cafe and Ryokan(Inn)) まるも ¥ 3-3-10 Chuo 32-0115 8:00-19:00 No X
I love this place. It is very relaxing and homey anytime of day. They have great coffee with tasty homemade treats. The beautiful furniture has a long history and a warm feel. Plus on a Saturday morning it is easy to stir up an interesting conversation of the art world. [Liza]
Kurassic-kan (Cafe) 蔵シック館 ¥ 2-9-15 Chuo 36-3053 10:00-17:00(Winter:10:30-16:00) 12/29-1/3 X
Annex of the landmark and tourist spot of Nakamachi Street with old Japanese buidings and a Japanese garden. You can enjoy Japanese tea, coffee, and local cakes. Non Smoking and Wi-fi free. [Andy]
Au Crieur de Vin オー・クリヨー・ド・ヴァン ¥¥ 1-2-11 Fukashi 37-1966 11:00-23:00 Occasionally (Mainly Thurs) OK
French style open cafe rarely found in Matsumoto. Close to the station and bus terminal. Easy to enter and convenient for light meal or just one drink until 11pm. [Andy]
Concourse Café (former Sunny Place Café) コンコースカフェ ¥ 2-6-1 Chuo 37-5517 10:30-24:00(23:00L/O) Sun: -22:00(21:00L/O) Tues OK
This is a lovely place to escape for a big delicious salad and a cup of coffee. Very easy to find. It is right next door to the big downtown post office, which is, just north of the big intersection of the street that runs into the castle and the street that runs into the station. It’s also directly east of Parco. [Liza] This was Sunny Place Café and it closed 2010. A worker of it opened a new cafe Feb 2011. [Andy]
The Storyhouse Cafe ¥ 1-5-29 Shironishi 080-4355
10:00-17:00 Weds X
Casual Seattle-style family-friendly cafe. Chris and Kumi have fresh baked bagels, tasty bold coffee, quiche, pound cakes, cookies, in a very warm environment. Piano available to play! Great kids play space, books.
Storyhouse makes bagels fresh every morning, and stuffs them with the best sandwich makings! I recommend the “Storyhouse Classic” which is a Seattle area favorite -- it's full of cream cheese, pickled capers, smoked salmon, sliced onions and a little basil paste. It's delicious! Enjoy your time at the Storyhouse Cafe! [John]
Tully's (Cafe Chain) タリーズ ¥ 1-2-11 Fukashi 31-9898 7:30(Sat & Sun:9:00)-21:00 No X
Sandwich House Gourmet サンドイッチハウス グルメ ¥ 2-5-12 Kaichi 33-6774 7:00-16:00 Mon X
"GOURMET” serves delicious homemade sandwiches. English menus are available for takeout sandwiches and drinks. Choose your favorite sandwich and drinks from various & reasonable selections (e.g. Potato Cheese Hot Sandwich). [Riko] This was on the middle of Nawate Street, but closed Feb 2011. Kaichi branch near Kaichi School still opens. [Andy]
Hitsuki (Macrobiotic Cafe) (Nakamachi) CLOSED IN 2015


Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
Sweet (Bakery Cafe) スヰト ¥ 4-1 Ote (Nawate Dori) 32-5300 7:00(Winter:8:30)-19:00 Jan 1st X
On Nawate Street just past the shrine you will find Sweet. This café, bakery, confectionary has been around for a long while and is a favorite of many. They have good coffee and nice treats, it's a lovely place to sit and people watch. [Liza]
Vollkorn (Organic, Take out) フォルコーン ¥ 3-2-23 Chuo 39-2203 11:30-19:00(18:30 L/O) Tues & Weds X
Vollkorn is a great place to stop by if you've got a hankering for some REAL bread and interesting conversation. The owner, Ms. Mori, has traveled extensively and has applied her overseas experience to her baking. She has all-organic bread, loaves heavy with fruits and nuts, rye and multi-grain. Absolutely delicious as sandwiches or even standalone. [Leslie, 2009] Moved from a main street to quieter place and has extended the business hours. Non Smoking [Andy 2013]
Hyakuninpan (2-5-6 Arigasaki) CLOSED IN 2015
Agata Bakery (former Motomachi Pan) (Take out) あがたベーカリー ¥ 2 Agata 33-7088 9:00-18:30 Thurs X
This is the best bread I have found in Matsumoto. The whole wheat is delicious. They also have wonderful scones and cinnamon rolls. The people who work there are very very kind but I really wish it opened earlier so I could drop by for a fresh muffin for breakfast. [Liza] This was Motomachi Pan, across from Seiyu on Yamibiko Road, and moved to near Delicia Super Market and changed the name Oct 2010. [Andy]
Michel ミッシェル ¥¥¥ 1-3-10 Shonai 26-2696 9:30-19:00 Thurs X
Michel sells cakes made by a skilled French confectioner. He and his wife have run the shop for 26years. Cakes here looks small but they are actually heavy. They offer seasonal cakes such as a strawberry tart in spring. A blueberry tart and an orange tart come up after spring.They have a cake called Congolais. It's an unusual cake, in which the confectioner wads up coconut and bakes it. As for another cake, Gallette, it is a cake made from buckwheat flour. It's a famous type of cake originally from the Bretonne area, France. As for cakes which remind you of Nagano, they sell pound cakes which have walnuts and Shinshu miso, and meringue which contains buckwheat berries inside. There is a tasful Marron glace. It's 270 yen for one.They sell very unique cakes compared with other shops. [Masano, Jan 2008]


Name Japanese Name Prices Address Phone Hours Closed C/Card
8 Ounce (Standing Bar) スタンディング8オンス ¥ 4-10-13 Ote 32-0179 16:00-22:00 Sun X
Taiyaki Hurusato (Light Snack Take out) 鯛焼きふるさと ¥ 4-1 Ote (Nawate Dori) 39-5552 10:00-18:00 Occasional Hol. X
The tai is a fish, called red snapper or sea bream in English depending on who you ask, and it's a premium ingredient associated in Japan with holidays and other celebratory occasions. But taiyaki doesn't have any fish inside; it's actually a sweet snack made from an egg batter and baked in a mold that just happens to be shaped like a fish. The shape of the snack gives it a cute, festive touch, while at 150 yen it's a lot cheaper than an actual tai. Furusato's makes two versions, one with the traditional sweet red bean paste filling and a savory version with a sausage inside. And they're all made in individual custom molds, found nowhere else but at Furusato's. [Luke]
McDonald’s (Fast Food Hambergur Chain) マクドナルド ¥ 1-3-2 Chuo 36-5258 24 hours No X

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