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Tobira Hot Spring


Outside Public Bath

This little onsen is hidden away way up the Susuki River (which flows through Matsumoto), on the winding road that leads around the back of Utsugushigahara Plateau. There are three hot springs here, two in hotels. The first (public one) you’ll find is actually beside the road on your right, as you follow the river up its valley, with parking to the left. It's a fairly ordinary & cool (outdoor) pool, but offers a lovely view of the gorge. Can get a bit packed in hiking season.


A few yards back is a turning down to the right, which takes you to two hotels, the first, Myojinkan, is very swanky. The owner has a collection of business in the city, and more interestingly, a garage-full of Jaguars & Daimlers. See also Accommodation Directory - Tobira Onsen page.
The second hotel, Yumoto Gunyoukan, at the end of the road used to accept non-residents, and had the best (mixed) outdoor pool in the region. At time of writing, the author has not had a chance to go & check.

Water Clear & refreshing
Access There is a limited bus service from Matsumoto, on the Iriyamabe line (Tobira spa stop). Access in winter depends on snowfall. Check locally. (Google Map)

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