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Gakenoyu Hot Springs


A day trip’s distance removed from central Matsumoto and nestled between the mountains of Takabocchi and Hachibuse, Yakushidaira Akanejuku -- one of ryokans in the Gakenoyu Hot Springs -- makes up for the travel time by offering a panorama view of the entire Matsumoto Basin from its outdoor rotemburo and its vista baths.  Restaurants and overnight accommodations also available.

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Water Clear with a slight hint of green.  Contains calcium, magnesium sulfate, and hydrogen carbonate.
Access Via taxi, Gakenoyu is a 30 minute ride from Matsumoto Station, a 25 minute ride from Shiojiri Station, and a 15 minute ride from Murai Station.
For bus access, first head to the Matsumoto Bus Terminal on the first floor of the Ario department store across the street from Matsumoto Station.  Next, board the “Matsuhara-dai line” from platform 2, and ride as far the Chushin Matsumoto Byoin stop.  Call in advance at 0263-58-2141 and a shuttle from Akanejuku will meet you. (Google Map)
Price Akanejuku: Y700 admittance, with overnight accommodations from Y10,000 – 20,000
Hours Akanejuku: 11:00 am - 7 pm (2 pm on the day before a holiday)
Baths Akanejuku: Private and vista baths and open-air rotenburo baths for men and women.  The rotenburo are made from local hinoki (Japanese Cypress, Chamaecyparis obtusa).

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