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Mt. Kobo (Koboyama)


Mt. Kobo is a great place to have a picnic (hanami) while the sakura (cherry blossoms) bloom.

It also has what is believed to be the oldest tomb in Eastern Japan. More later on that.

The Sakura

April is a good time to see the Sakura. They will bloom until around the end of April.

There are about nine kinds of Sakura and 4000 sakura trees on the hill.

In April the whole hill from looking dead turns to pink which is an impressive sight. Then when the sakura have stopped blooming almost as fast as a change of scenery in a theatre the hill turns green with the tree's new leaves.

You may want to go at night and see the many Japanese lanterns (cho-chin) lit up, hanging between the trees. You can take a drink and snacks and sit under the sakura. Then take a walk to the top and look at the stars and a view of Matsumoto City by night.

The Tomb

The Tomb on the top of the mountain is believed to have been made in the 2nd or 4th century. The tomb was opened and they found a tekken (sword) and a maga-tama (pendent). These can be seen at the nearby Nakayama cultural history museum.

The Hike

Behind Kobo yama there is a hike that winds up into the hills. It has a dirt trail and is maybe a 45-minute walk. When you get to the top, there is a very nice view and a mallet golf course (mallet golf is a combination of crocket and mini golf).

There is also a beautiful temple on a mountain just to the northeast of Mt. Kobo. The neighborhood around there is also very quaint and full of rice field and traditional latticework storage houses called kuras.

Access: The buses out to Mt. Kobo or very close leave from the downtown bus terminal. The bus you need to ride is "Namiyanagidanchi line", which runs every 2 or 3 hours. You should be able to see Mt. Kobo when you get near.
If you take this bus you should tell the Bus driver you want to get off by Mt. Kobo.
You can knock off some distance and cost by taking the Southern route Town Sneaker to Nishi Tsukama (Ni-See Tsu-Car-Ma) if you were from there willing to get a Taxi, or walk for 15 minutes.
But otherwise you'll have to bite the bullet and get a taxi. I estimate that would cost you around 2000 yen each way.
Perhaps the loan bikes would be the best way in that case. The Nakayama cultural history museum is at the first intersection just below the word "terms of use" on the google map link provided on the Mt. Kobo page. Scroll the map down to see it. A castle ruins is also on top of the hill between Mt. Kobo and the Museum if you have a car or a will to hike. (Google Map)

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