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Walking Tour Audio & Slide Show

It is a great pleasure to be able to share with you an audio slideshow tour of my adopted hometown, Matsumoto.

You’ll have to forgive rough edits and the personal nature of the chatter! Our intention was to ‘wander’ towards to castle, and back again to the station, off the beaten track. It has long frustrated me that Matsumoto has been a one-shot destination for tourists & travellers. Our castle is without doubt a stonker, and one for the collector’s list…but the A to B route is a very dull affair!

Instead, follow us (Tana with the Bok accent, Akira the local) as we take the more interesting (and very safe) side-streets, meandering to our goal, via cool shops only the locals would find; fresh water springs where you can take off your boots & refill your eco-friendly water bottles; tips on what to buy and some very silly asides as we discover bits of history too.

I think you can download this – please try! Use it on your portable device of choice. We would REALLY like to know if it is useful, too long, complete dross or doesn’t work in whatever format/player. Share it to death on Youtube & Facebook, blab about us on twitter (use #matsumoto, follow @oyajimbo) and most of all, enjoy your visit!

And even if you don’t visit this time, enjoy the virtual tour and see what you might be missing!

Jim George – an Englishman abroad!

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Course Map

Map for Walking Tour Audio & Slide Show

List of Shops in the Map

  • Station to Koen Street
    1. Daio Wasabi Farm Shop 2. Yumeya (yakitori) 3. Banrai (izakaya) 4. Mamekichi (bean confectionery)
  • Takasago (doll) Street
    5. Okada Bicycle 6. Midoriya (dolls, papercraft) 7. Kurataya (massage) 8. Matsuka (trad eel restaurant) 9. Gensendo (Japanese paper, craft) 10. Genchi-no-soba (buckwheet noodle, vegetarian food) 11. Hanshakutei (organic coffee, library)
  • Nakamachi
    12. Yamahei (interesting local food) 13. Nunoya (ryokan) 14. Okinado (confectionery, tearoom) 15. Matsumoto Furniture Showroom 16. Matsusita (buckwheet noodle) 17. Bun (izakaya) 18. Kimono-kan (secondhand kimono) 19. Geiyukan (shamisen & song) 20. Ihara (lacquerware) 21. Higuchi (antique) 22. Marumo (coffee, ryokan)
  • Nawate Street
    23. Tatsunoko (chilren's book) 24. Benten (buckwheet noodle), 25. Sweet (cafe bakery) 26. Furusato (taiyaki snack) 27. Yazawa (taiyaki snack)
  • To Matsumoto Castle (Taikomon Gate)
    28. Elbow Room (budget bar) 29. Hikari Shokudo (budget old restaurant) 30. Kuruwa Jyubee (izakaya) 31. Yamameya (yakitori) 32. Sugiya (soft ice cream) 33. Sakuraya (eel restaurant) 34. Hikariya (classy restaurant) 35. Sasaki (buckwheet noodle) 36. Komatsu (bakery) 37. Miyosawa (liquor shop) 38. Kagetsu (hotel, tea room) 39. Eight Ounce (standing bar)
  • Matsumoto Castle (Main Gate) to Daimyocho Street
    40. Yamaga Ikuzo (buckwheet noodle, oyaki snack) 41. Takagi (buckwheet noodle, souvenior) 42. Momotaro Honpo (trad confectionery)
  • Rokku(69) Street
    43. Saito Coffee 44. Hobby Shop Bantam (plastic model) 45. Shimaya & Warai (Japanese paper, craft)
  • M Wing to Station
    46. Otani Hyogu (calliography, banner) 47. Karakuri Clock in front of M Wing 48. Old Rock (Irish pub)

October 2009

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