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Norikura Plateau (Highlands)

Norikura Kogen 乗鞍高原

Norikura Kogen (Plateau, Highlands) is a large plateau spreading in the east of Mt. Norikura (3,026 m), which is the 10th highest mountain and one of the younger volcanoes in Japan. You can enjoy the magnificent views from the Japan's highest skyline - 2,700m in Norikura.

Also, there are many viewpoints like water falls, flower gardens, and caldera lakes. Ushidome-ike is a beautiful pond, which gives you one of the best views of the mountains especially on a breathless morning or calm sunset.

You can enjoy varous activities like hiking, biking, jogging, mountain climbing, rock climbing, etc. Famous "Heavenly Marathon" race and "All Japan Norikura Mountain Cycling Race" are held in June and August (see our Event page.

In Winter, Norikura Kogen Ski Resort is a reknowned winter destination. The snow remains even in August and some skiers enjoy skiing in May to August. See our Winter Activities page.

After walking or skiing, you can soak in Norikura Highlands Onsen (hot springs), which are famous for white color onsen water. Norikura is also famous for delicious soba noodles.

Norikura Plateau is a place where you can enjoy many attractions and activities in all seasons.

Norikura is an 80-minute drive or bus ride from Matsumoto JR train station or Matsumoto bus terminal. (Google Map)

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