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Where is Matsumoto City?

Matsumoto City is in Nagano Prefecture.
It sits at the foot of the Japanese Alps, in the heart of Japan.

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You can download handy maps of Matsumoto and its sites of interest here!

Matsumoto City Tourist Information Centers

For when you need tourist information or related English help.

Location 3rd floor, in front of the ticket gate, of the JR Matsumoto Station building
Open 9:00 - 17:45, close from 29 Dec. to 3 Jan.
Tel 0263-32-2814 Fax 0263-32-2841
Address 1-1-1, Fukashi Oote E-mail
Location One block south of Matsumoto Castle.
Open 9:00 - 17:45, close from 29 Dec. to 3 Jan.
Tel 0263-39-7176 Fax 0263-39-7320
Address 3-8-13, Ote E-mail
Note You can use an ATM machine to withdraw Japanese yen by your international cash or credit card as well as ATMs in Seven-Eleven convenience stores and post offices.


Currency Exchange

Samurai Exchange near Matsumoto Station offers money exchange and bitcoin exchange. Accepted currencies include U.S. Dollar (USD), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Euro (EUR), New Taiwan Dollar (TWD), Chinese Yuan (CNY), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Korean Won (KRW), Australian Dollar (AUD), Thai Baht (THB), Canadian Dollar (CAD), British Pound (GBP), and Philippine Peso (PHP).

Hours: 11:00 – 22:00. See location on Google Maps here.
Samurai Exchange website (Japanese with machine translation feature)

Temperature and Rainfall

Matsumoto is the third sunniest city in Japan and there are plentiful sunny days during the year. In winter, there are some days when snow falls in the city area of Matsumoto. The rainy season lasts from mid-June to mid-July.